Brands Hatch 19th August - Monday

I have just booked on a Novice Track Day 19th August at Brands - although I enjoy my ride outs on the trusty steed and have done off road track days, road track days are a new kettle of fish - and I have ALOT to learn!

Any tips from the pros?

I fancy this day actually. Who is the event organiser, and how much?

Tips - Watch Twist of the Wrist from Keith Code, read and watch Motovudu by Simon Crafar and ride to your abilities. Once comfy, then you can push with the skills in the aforementioned

And take an instructor out for a couple if sessions early on, it’ll do wonders for your confidence.

I have booked the instructor for one session in the day - will be well worth it :slight_smile: If you go to the Brands Hatch website unlucky saxon and go to Novice Trackdays section it tells you the dates on offer. There is one in June but it is full, the next Novice one is the 19th August.

Not long to go now for this day - am excited! And thanks to the boys at HG Stockwell for sorting me out leather trousers that miraculously zipped onto my existing leather jacket!!

Have you checked to see if your helmet is ok to use ? Wouldn’t want you to get there only for them to reject it.

Ah ha Martin - I was looking today, as my HJC full face flip lid is a medium and I always feel it is a little on the big side. I ended up with a lightweight (1,200 grams) and heavily discounted small HJC full face non flip in the sale. It is really comfortable.

Sounds like you have every thing sorted then. :smiley:

I wouldn’t wear a flip up helmet on track personally.

As its your first track day I would just get out there and have some fun.
I know you said you have booked an instructor for a session but if I was you I would make sure that I was ready for your first session early so that when they call you to line up in pit lane you are there first. Get as close to the instructor at the start as possible, follow his lines and see where he brakes. The further back from the instructor the more chance you will have of people taking their own lines and weaving about the track so not giving you any idea what to do.

Above all try and enjoy the day and don’t forget to breath lol

Cheers PJ - great tips re the instructor. I have now booked him in for two sessions, rather than just one and will try and be first out of the pit. ( I have a full face lid also - so no flip ups for me:) )

Enjoy Hels… Try and someone taking pictures for you too!