Brands Hatch - 13/9 - Evening

On the 13th the DSC / MSV & FE are holding a charity track evening for the benefit of Riders for Health and in memory of Dave Harris, a good friend of mine.

Here is last years report from the Rider for Health site:

The evening is as much about the people and caamaraderie that exists around bikes and biking, there is a fantastic raffle being run by Annette Harris and the details are below.

If you can come along your support would be great, this is a not for profits event and both MSV & FE are running the evnt for free, so big thanks there, the CSS have also donated a number of raffles przes and a day at the school which has been auctioned.

There’s a little stash of raffle prizes growing by the minute but this is what we have so far. Annette will be asking people for raffle money on the night. So far we have:

-A Nicky Hayden autographed cap (future world champ?) – donated by Riders for Health
-Some Ducati books – donated by Riders for Health
-‘Mission Accomplished’ Airwaves t-shirt autographed by Lavilla – donated by Darrell Healey
-Airwaves rider profiles (Haslam and Lavilla) autographed – donated by Darrell Healey
-Ducati Corse ‘Pandoras Box’ (a box of workshop goodies-wipes/disposable golves/polishing cloths etc) - donated by Nat

  • £100 voucher towards paintwork at Essex County Choppers in Upminster, Essex - donated by Chris/Ant E
  • Ducati 1/1000 limited edition book - donated by Chris B
  • R&G racing knee sliders – CSS
  • Alpinestar ‘racing ahead’ socks (L/XL) – CSS
  • Sportsmax Qualifier black, collar/button shirt – (M) – CSS
  • 2 pair heather gray Alpinestar sport boxers (M) – CSS
  • CSS black neck warmer – CSS
  • Alpinestar black t-shirt (M) – CSS
  • Alpinestar navy t-shirt (ladies S) – CSS
  • CSS ‘Cornering. Discover the Art’ shirt (ladies L) - CSS
  • ‘A twist of the wrist’ by Keith Code (book) – CSS
  • ‘A twist of the wrist’ by Keith Code (dvd) – CSS
  • Barry Sheene, the M Scott version - donated by Henners

Thanks for listening and maybe see a few of you.


is it at the hotel or kentagon? there an entrance fee?..what time is kick off?..are there sandwiches?

i only live up the road so no great hardship for me to join in!

It`s free entrance Salee and there is a snack bar there. Not sure if the Kentagon is being used, Dibble will know more about this. The riders will be signing on from 4pm and on track at 5pm till around 8pm.

I`ll be on a blue/white gsxr 750 with LB stickers on the screen and i think Dibble has a 996 Ducati. If you can make it do come and say hello.


It is all on circuit and we will all be in the garages in Pit Lane, no food being laid on but we will all be off to The Lion in Farningham after to rais a glass to Dave

My 996 has an LB sticker on the nosecone …

Would be great to see anyone that can make it


does this mean i get a free go round the track??? (dream on)

…if not how much would that cost and are there anymore places??..sorry if i sound so thick

and the lion is my local so not a problem there either

and no sandwiches ! tut tut tut

Might see if I can get out of work early and head on down for a nose; make a change for an evening.

be good to see you both

bumpety bumpety bump

I’m booked on it Can I share your pit space dibble?

good…we will finally meet

cool, if theres room, you are welcome … whoever you garage with you’ll be looked after

Cool, looking forward to it

i only live around the corner i might pop in

thanks all those that came by, Salee, Abbey, Kwaked Up and two more who my rubbish memory can’t recall the name of …

B, good to meet you mate …


it was missroadrage/ Paul 600 and agrirossi you silly old fool

wot a lovely evening and lovely people even though i didnt win the raffle…thanks for being so friendly everyone

v glad i went

ha ha, speaking of Litte Miss Road Rage, had a call from a mate asking if i knew a cute blonde with a bike, i said i knew a few, he then said do you know the one with a dark golf and dark bike being trailered on the M25 … that was Carla on her way home … lol

oh she will be so pleased!!!

hehehe i knew I’d be famous one day WOOHOO

(is he single??? ) Well I just got in, what a fab evening apart from a mullet haired twat called “Hooch” of all names Oh and losing my gloves… and oh again for my throttle sticking!!! hey ho!!!

But I did win some erm lovely red “Ducati Service” overalls to wear while working on my 2 Fireblades LOL

Was good to see everyone and can’t believe how lucky we were with the weather holding out so nice until the last fast session.

Nice to meet you Dibble and i enjoyed the few laps we had in the last damp session. You looked at home sliding past everyone
The meeting went so well and had a good turnout, i hope plenty of cash was raised for riders for health.

Nice to meet LB members LMRR, Paul600 and Salee. Paul, get your girlfriend to buy some lottery tickets, she was on a winning streak Nice chatting to you mate.
In the raffle they asked me to pick one of the tickets and LMRR name was on it! I`m glad your luck changed. Oh and make sure that throttle is ok.

ha ha ha … i love the wet … ha ha ha … thought the session had been red lighted when all those bikes suddenly dove back into pit lane, then realised it was wet and all those GSXR’s and R1’s would have dissolved (you were brave in that respect) … I thought it a respectable pace after they left us to it