Brands GP on 18 August £159

I just found this track day through No Limits

It seems a great price. I’ve checked with them and it is definitely on the GP circuit.

I’m sure some of you have feedback on No Limits. Are they a decent company?

More importantly, does anyone want to join me? I’ll be booking the novice group.

Maybe doing the Indy circuit on 16 June too!!

No Limits are ok. But 4 groups is a pain in the @rse. :slight_smile:

Is that why it’s cheaper, do you get less track time?

I’d go further and say No Limits are top hole.

Couldn’t agree more about 4 groups though - not such a issue at the indie but it is on the GP.

Yes, you get less time. Instead of being split between 3 groups you are now splitting the time between 4.

NL never used to run 4 group days, I’m thinking in the current climate the idea is to draw customers on a cheaper day.

Would they let me enter 2 different groups? :slight_smile: (I could test both my track bikes back to back):smiley:

Thanks Pete. I contacted No Limits and they confirmed it would be 15min sessions rather than the usual 20min. But they did also say that if there’s not enough bookings, they’ll revert back to 3 groups.I’m also very tempted by the free instruction and the tyre and suspension help they have available. I know about reducing tyre pressure, but I don’t know what pressures are correct. I only have a small knowledge of suspension set up too, so any help I can get trackside would be gladly accepted.

As I’ve said in another thread NL will be good to their word if it’s under subcribed.

Years back we ended up doing 20 mins on, 20 mins off at Snetterton

I’ve booked this up. Novice group of course!Anyone else fancy trying the GP circuit?

I’m waiting to see what the weather’s supposed to be doing before booking the Indy circuit on 16 June with MSV.

Booked on this - be the first time I do the GP circuit too!!


Nice price mate

Just got back from indy circuit today was a blast…

No limits are excellent always used them!!! Is it open pit lane…

Have a good one… remember smooth is fast and fast is smooth…

Buy some wets…

^^ you do realise you replied to a 2 year old thread yeah? :Whistling: