Brands GP Monday 26th July

Anyone else here doing this on Monday? I will be doing the Indy circuit at the weekend so will save a garage :smiley:

No…but might catch you at the weekend…

A mate is racing then…:smiley:

Oooh who’s that? I’m not in a garage this weekend (the weather will probably go against that decision) but we will be down in the lower paddock on the left by the banking. Look for the large grey 7.5t truck with a red swoosh and MHP on the side and a large white Sprinter van with MHP on the side too. Can have a cuppa tea :smiley:

Does he want to pitch up with anyone else? Or has he got himself sorted with a garage etc? We probably have space in our awning if he needs? Will be there from Thursday night if that helps.

did Mike do your pipes then? Top can man!

He did some db killers for my 998 that brought the noise down to 98db from 104 (I think) and only lost 2bhp at the wheel. Excellent work.

Sounds temtping! Though, why so expensive @ £219? Is it cos they’ve only got 3 sessions?

Looks like they’ve only got Novice group left - (good for me :wink: )

Cause its one of the most popular circuits in the UK and the ‘rich’ southerners will pay it…

Zander (20/07/2010)

Sounds temtping! Though, why so expensive @ £219? Is it cos they’ve only got 3 sessions?

Zander, there’s a cheaper £159 four session No Limits day round the GP circuit on 18 August. Abbey J and I are booked into novices for that one if you’re interested?

Donners (20/07/2010)

Hi Donners - thanks for the tip. I did notice that one too, hence wondering even more about the price difference. I hope to get back from holiday in time to join you all there :)I gathered the June event I went on was a bit discounted, but still surprised £100 more for 26th July.

Ah, someone’s just pointed out that this is a full-on GP track day … not just the Indy. Still getting used to all this fangled terminology.Almost worth the extra to try the full track :slight_smile:


So? Did ya? :smiley:

Mmmm … tempting! :slight_smile:

Just been weighing up the California Superbike Day tomorrow … but maybe that’s better for Silverstone (where they can do the lean & slide machines and all that jazz).

Think I’ll decide over some lunch :slight_smile:

GP circuit is fantastic. Everyone ducks for the bridges the first time round :w00t:

The event I mentioned is on the full GP circuit too!Jerry, I’ll try and remember not to duck!! I hope they don’t lower the bridges:D

I am reliably informed that there are only two places left in the novice group.

Signed up for CSS tomorrow at Brands [gulp] … resisted hiring an R6 … so might have some cash left for Monday :slight_smile: Let’s check the bank account …

GULP … I just signed up for No Limits on Monday too.

This is an expensive day, and starting to make scuba diving look cheap! :smiley:

Look forward to seeing you there Miss powerpuffgirl, and anyone else joining the fun :slight_smile:

Monday I have off, want to ride down together?Not hand in hand tho:D No spaces in inters?

Awesome!! you will get a lot out of the CSS!! :smiley:

My Suzuki has Ducati 1098 fairing on it, so probably easier to describe my van which is white and has a big blue sticker on the side with MHP on it. There are also not a large number of women likely to be on track that are over 6ft and have a big Londonbikers logo on their leathers :wink:

Come say hi! :smiley:

Hey Jewell! Did you get a place on the day? Certainly up for riding down that way if you’re attending, or just fancy a run :slight_smile: