brands evening session yesterday

had an awesome evening there yesterday - 4 of us riding that i knew but a few other club racers were there testing etc. my mate in the fast group binned his newish gixxer tho but fortunately still rideable and he was ok

camera rig worked a treat - got one of the sessions fully on film which will help me work out where to improve

body position was a bit off as i was grinding my toe sliders and not my knee something to work on on monday

so pleased with my bike, it felt great out there (reminds you what its actually meant to do)



Hehehe, nice one johnnybravo! I bet the weather was fab, eh? Don’t worry about the foot position, we all do it at one point or another. You’re lucky that you can attack the same circuit a few days later! Looking forward to hearing your bike boom past the pitlane on Monday

Cool pics…

Cool mate! We will be there on monday that’s for sure

cheers guys! couldn’t have been better for conditions - evening sesh meant the worst of the heat had gone out of the day but it was nice and warm for traction so the tyres are now nicely ripped to the edges! still buzzing from it

bring on monday!

how tall are you? It looks like you’re riding a mini moto?

haha, 6’3" and that 748 ain’t the biggest sports bike going - and there was i thinking black was slimming

if i was hanging off it right it prob wouldn’t look like i was dominating so much but not bad for my first dry track day


DSC_5622 (Medium).JPG

Bike looks fab there JB!

thats a couple of pretty cool pictures

i’ll keep a look out for you on monday as am coming down to watch for the evening

Hey Ben top styling there dude!!

That bike is fab, still looking good despite the 999/749 trying to ‘replace’ it. NEVER I TELL YOU NEVER

Roll on Monday.

And you do own leathers OMIGOD!

Some sweet picx mate at first I thought it was a Cagiva you look massive on it but as long as your having funny who cares, where are the shoots from that fairing cam?

Call me stupid but whats Monday all about?

(Call me stupid and ill see you in the adult room hehe)