Brands evening - July 7th

just booked it with a mate - anybody else going?

How much is it? Got my 1st track day booked in on the 9th at Brands but might do this one aswell seeing as I get paid Monday :slight_smile:

Just checked the website - no sessions listed on the 7th anymore, might have sold out.

Yep there were only about 4 places left two hours ago, is with Focused events…

…was £79

I may be there during the day.

Should spot you then :wink:

Hi im going on the 7th with focussed in the evening and on the 9th all day i think i will probally be on this doesnt have the 32 bit on anymore tho

so this was me then .

Excellent, I’ll be on my '99 blue R1 - will look out for you!

Matt I think you may be a month too late :wink:

what was you on then matt ? i was there last night

Its very addictive aint it, i did my first one ever on 29th april this year with LB/MSV on an untried 4/6 gullarm i bought . only changed the front brakes and took it on a trackday.

im so hooked on doing them now, i have done 4 more eves/ days since then and bought a faster bike im booked on my first silverstone trackday on the 25th its like doing the first one at brands im nervous worried excited no wonder i couldnt sleep and its 2 weeks away yet,

the pics were bought on the night from the track orginisers got 31for 30 quid thats a under a pound each bargin!!some tracks are cheaper than others but cheapest way to do brands is do an evening event with focussed events or msv, ect,last time i did the evening event i got 5 X 20 min sessions that was 79 quid great value for money…i have done a day one,@ £150 and only got 5 sessions depends on how many crashes ect there are and how many red flags, but generally the evening events are very good value for money they start about 5,ish and end at 8pm The first trackday i ever did was in april on the 29th with london bikers and it pis sed down virtually all day[ but there is so much grip on the track compared with a road it was great fun i ground the pegs out on my gullarm every time going round druids in the wet, as long as you have decent road tyres its ok , some people get wet tyres put on the bike for the rain and they seem to go just as fast in the wet as they do in the dry, (mct2s are great in the wet for road and track)

Hi fellas,

Just wanted to know if your still going tomorrow? Im booked on the evening session. :slight_smile:

:hehe: oh balls, thats what i get for not reading things properly…

Well i did my first trackday last night and it was fantastic, just need to book up some more and will maybe see some of you guys in the right month…:wink:

I had a blue 2006 R6, i was only in the novice group but cant wait to do my next…

you have got some great pics there mate…

Where is the cheapest place to book trackdays cause its just finances holding me back???

How did you find it in the wet?? Dont really fancy that…