brands evening 22nd with focused anyone?

anyone fancy an evening squirt round brands on the 22nd?£79 with focused(might be convinced of a full day session too…)

We will be in Wales

hmmmm if my bikes back together i might come and see if i can get round more than 1 and 1/2 sessions

and put my tyre on the right way round :smiley:

How do these evenings actually work then? (the focused website doesn’t really give much info). Is it still in groups? How many runs do you get? Tempted, I’ve just got a job in Bristol for 4 months starting May so could be last chance to do it easy. Got the bug now…

its in groups but only 2 rather than the usual 3 (slow/inters, inters/fast). 4 sessions normally.

if i can get leathers sorted this sounds like a good one…

the date sounds good to me. I never did a track day, but looking forward to start.
I will check next week, but I think I will be there, just need to check if my exhauster will be alright for the night track.

Sounds good to me, will see if I can get the bike mot’ed and sign up for this :slight_smile:

Good man. What’s your preference, eve or full day?

Have to be evening for this contractor :slight_smile:

same im looking at doing my first, how much is full day,

do you have to have one peace leathers, as i got two peace wise that zip together,

Brands Hatch Indy DayEvent Date: 22/04/2010
Day: Thursday
Price per Rider: £149

Brands Hatch Indy Eve (102db) Event Date: 22/04/2010
Day: Thursday
Price per Rider: £79

More info at;

Brands Hatch Indy Eve (102db) Event Date: 22/04/2010
Day: Thursday
Price per Rider: £79

Evenings are really poor value for money IMO.

Always full of red flags and you can never get a clear lap.

Agree with Pete

thanks i got that coverd just got to check me lid it a AGV, paid £220 for it.

will have a look at that an see thanks again :slight_smile:

sounds good to me

did any of you already booked it??

just booked silverstone for 26.04 only £99 - what a deal

but still thinking about booking brands…

Can’t do this one, bike still not got an MOT… :frowning: