Brands 8th Sept

Have booked an evening session £69:) any local guys & gals fancy joining me? plenty of space at the moment:cool:

Hmmm… yeah, I might join ya. Will check dates at work tomorrow :slight_smile:

i might join you aswell i love brands:D;)

Nice one, the evening sessions are a lot better value for money:cool:

Having said that… I’ve just seen that there’s a GP circuit run on the 15th. Hmm…

is there??? at Brands??? I can’t see it listed.


£215:w00t: not worth it to me, I get enough of a buz on the Indy:)

Mo I’m doing Brands on 9th July - I’ll see how I get on with that one, if I’ve got a bike left I’ll be up for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Mark, you doing the day or evening on the 9th? I will come along for a watch as it’s only round the corner:cool:

Just checked Brands web site, no evening session on the 9th, will still pop along during the day:)

Bussa im doing an evening on 7th august whos the evening on the 8th see if i can get on it

der read that wrong dont worry so is any one else going on the 7thg august eve

Have many people booked up for this session?

I’d like to get another one in. Hopefully drier than Brands earlier this month!

If anyone’s got any tickets left for the evening on the 8th Sept (wishful I know…) please post up… I’m DESPERATE.

So any of you managed to book?:slight_smile:

all booked up or i would of had a go, will pop up and watch instead :wink:

yep will be there instructing please come and say hi…

Will do Scooby, keep an eye out for me, dark blue sv1000 blue leathers:)

Just been on Brands web site, there are spaces available for the evening session:)

got all excited about this looked at the website,has places,:slight_smile: phoned up nope :angry:fully booked , but put me on reserve incase any one drops out:hehe: