Brands 4th November

Booked into Inters with motorsport vision. Only £89 :slight_smile:

Any one else heading to this one? :smiley:

Yes, am booked in fast. Purple/Yellow GSXR1000K3.:slight_smile:

Postscipt: Had a really great day with John Chambers of 121 ( ) :):cool:

It was a good day was wet in the morning but had a dry line around it for the afternoon i must be twisted as i enjoyed riding on the wet stuff in the morning and was amazed how much grip i had with the Racetecs .It was a bonus seeing Guintoli on the Cresent Suzuki Jack Valentine said it was the first time he had been on the bike fair play to the team and Guintoli as they didnt mind having a chat.As the day went on Guintoli looked awsome on the bike ,he had a visit to the gravel at Druids but he was soon cleaned up and back out going quicker then before.


Nice one Ed hope you enjoyed your day.

Good to see you had a good time BigED.
Couple of pics. I’m too tight to buy em…
Kawasaki is John Chambers (taking it easy following me), the other is yours truly.:slight_smile:

How spooky is that we was all in the same Garage :smiley:

Were you on th R6? Thinking of doing the FE day on the 6th next month, its a Saturday.:):slight_smile:

No that was my mate Paul