Brands 30/10/08

Was wondering is anyone had booked Brands on 30/10 and can’t make it, I really wanna do this one but no places left online, PM me if you have got a spcae going spare :wink: :smiley:

Have you rung them, Dawn? They sometimes post online that they have no spaces but may have a couple. Plus, if you ring, they can put you on the waiting list.

Yep, called 1st thing this morning, nothing left, she said I shoud just keep checking online, there were 5 places yesterday daytime, by 8pm there were none left :frowning:

Maybe I’ll just book for 16th Nov instead and hope it’s not too cold!!

I did quite a few winter track days and it’s freezing getting there but 20 min sessions are OK, best time of year for track days imho :slight_smile: Got any tyre warmers ?

Tuesday 4th November 2008 - Brands Hatch (Indy)




Yep, got a track bike, paddock stands and tyre warmers all ready to go, all the gear, no idea :w00t:

Gonna keep checking for cancelations on the one on 30th as I have some days off.

I’ve booked and it’s not a cert I’ll get there.

If I’m not going to make it, I may not know untill the day before.

Tiggi i’ve turnned up on the day a coupla times and squeezed on, worth a try if you aint got anything planned…

Just go on the day. There a bound to be a couple fall off early doors, so there will be spaces created. If Kevin is the ops manager he loves cash in hand so that the tax man doesn’t get a look in. Wave some fresh Ayrton Sennas under his nose and I am sure you’ll be right.

Looks like I will be doing this one :slight_smile: