Brands 28th August Trackday

Come and join us, there’s still plenty of spaces. For those who don’t know me, i’ll be instructing with Focused Events and will be on hand if you need any help or advice

Come and say hello either way.

A short track but with a lot of varied and technical corners, full of history and loads of fun

Come on, the weather is looking good…well M_Daytona said it would be

…and even if weather’s bad, I hear brands has plenty of grip…unlike donny, as a few of us found out the hard way

You survived Donington so this will be easy Mel

Brands used to be known as being very slippery in the rain but now it’s quite grippy.

Forecast looks good so i think there’s more chance of needing sun tan lotion than waterproofs

What’s the noise limit for circuits, can see a few evening limits of 102 or 103, is there no limit for daytime ? The FE site doesn’t seem to list them.

I have meetings scheduled for that day, I really want to do Brands as well

Yes there is a limit, daytime 105db and evening is (i think) 103db.

Your bike would be perfect round there Slarty, we could try a few extra suspension tweaks too…i would have to try it out though to be sure they work

From what i’ve seen, the noise limits don’t seem to be strictly enforced unless you really take the pi$$.

bum can’t come down, can’t take any time off for the next couple of weeks.

That’s funny, i was just thinking perhaps you might be interested and hey presto!

I understand, it’s short notice and poor old Danno misses out again as well.

OoOooOOo I want to play

As my forks are now BN race science’d then we should be pushing for some 49’s B - if you think you can keep up now old bean that is?

I should be going - if some1 can save me a spot in a garage that’d be ace i’ll probably be late like usual. It’s only a 675 so won’t take up much room

On a serious note - this chap really knows his stuff so you may have to fight for him!

I’ll be using my old Triumph Daytona 600 on the first few track days then the Kawasaki, the Triumph went down the road a couple of months ago so if I drop it again I’ll not be too worried but the ZX6 would be too great a loss right now

Nice one Sam Really pleased you can make it. Don’t worry, we should be able to get plenty of tracktime as there’s only likely to be a few of us going. I’m keen to get out there and see how much you’ve improved and get your bike set up

49’s would be great but you’ll be swerving in and out of other riders to do that…and i’ve seen your overtaking Follow me So behave yourself or i’ll tell your dad

I’ll save a space in the garage next to the instructors/focused set up, we’ll be well organised.

UPDATE: There are only a few space left so be quick and book now if you want to join us.

oh bugger!!! just finished work for four days and my first day back is tuesday!

have you got any more days lined up B??

Unlucky mate! There will be more though and i’ll keep you posted

I’m now a defo and booked in advanced. Is it just the 3 of us then?! Shame B’s not as cool as us Triumph people tho ay?!

this is my first post my names jay and want some of the action.I might see you lot down there .I am on a black gsxr1000k4.

d red (26/08/2007)

this is my first post my names jay and want some of the action.I might see you lot down there .I am on a black gsxr1000k4.[/quote

It was fully booked last time i checked but pop down if you’re not far away and fancy a rideout. You never know you might even be able to get on in the afternoon session.

I’ll be on the gsxr750 blue/white…trying to keep up with Sammo on his Triumph 675.

Oh and welcome to LB:)

It looks like it’s Mel, yourself and meeee…quality not quantity i say. I’ll have quite an easy day for a change:) Unless you clear off in the distance…:stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you’re all organised Mel. I’ll save some space in the garage for us all. We’ll probably be in the one next to the Focused set up.

Sweeet day. Good to meet Mel and others. Nice to finally get one over on my master B :stuck_out_tongue:

Lovin those 49’s :w00t::cool:

What a day, phew! I definitely had to up my game after struggling in the first session. After lunch i was ready for action after improving the bike set up and enjoyed returning a few compliments from earlier on:cool:We were lucky that the sessions were only half full otherwise it would have been too dangerous to do those times, but it was fantastic fun to get a few clear flying laps in.The 675 seems really well sorted now, i think your ready for a ride at the last BSS round to bring your game along just that little bit more:) Big congratulations on your progress mate:D