Brands 23rd March.......

anyone on here doing Brands on the 23rd March ??

hhuuuummmmm track bike should be ready by then so possible

There are a few of us going, it would be nice to get to know some of you on here.

who’s this trackday with? no limmits i thinkwont be doing this one as im doing the 16th, 31st march 23rd april and 6th may at brands might pop up and say hello to ya if i get the chance

Right then last call… who’s going to be at the No Limits trackday at Brands on this coming Mon (23rd) ??? We’ll have a rum collection. GSXR1000K4, '98 R1, 600 SRAD, GSXR1100WP, BLADE and B’Bird…:stuck_out_tongue: Hope to see some of you there !

Wish I could. Unfortunately I’ll be mostly working…

the joys of running your own business, nothing booked in, lets go racing !.. i mean trackday, it’s NOT a race !!:wink:

Hi guys, I was there, popped along as I saw some guys from gixerjunkies were there. I tried to get on for a session too but my racefit mega was being naughty :frowning:

I saw Derek Redmond there too doing a trackday, he’s a legend!!! On the back of his leathers he obviously had “The Runner” on them, his mate had a big off at paddock hill and ended up with a nasty black eye from the helmet pushing back on his face!

it was a good day , braved it with ‘manflu’ but by mid afternoon was completey knackered, luckily it chucked it down letting me sneak off home ! :smiley:

We shared a garage with them in Feb. He’s a top bloke.

I told him I never thought I’d get the chance to say “Today I was quicker than Derek Redmond.” - he found that quite amusing!