brands 22nd oct with FE anyone?

Go on E, you know you wanna…what can be more tempting than joing jb and I on track :smiley:


hehe Looked again and saw that there was only one place left, so I Booked inters!!!

Mel, you have to move up to inters now…

result, nice one buddy!

if she does move up, are you prepared to be beaten by a girl?? :stuck_out_tongue:


oh it’s really tempting to move up now, if only to give E and good pasting :smiley: if it doesn’t rain, I’ll move up.

hehhehe, hummm, OK if she comes past me, then we have to swap bikes… :slight_smile:

try it now anyway. FE aren’t great at moving groups, if you can sort it in advance its worth doing.

inters in the wet last time had a fair few novices in it anyway

ah, its the bikes fault. i getcha

I’ll give them a call, i just know I’m not as confindent in the wet after the donny experience, so wouldn’t want to be holding people up

Totally the bikes fault, glad you agree…:stuck_out_tongue:

Dont worry too much about that, but try and get yer knee down this time!!!

i honestly wounldnt’ worry about that mel. its actually a real shame that your first day in the wet was donny. I’ve done brands a number of times in the wet and had a blast, theres lots of grip (relatively).

donny was like riding on ice.

I’ll try to un-glue my knees from the tank this time…but if I come past you honey, knee down would be the last thing on my mind :w00t:

yeah, you’d need to grip the tank with both knees so you could free up a hand to flip the bird… :smiley:

Met Office London and South East

Dry with sunny spells on Sunday. Becoming rather more cloudy later Monday and on Tuesday but still mostly dry.

sssshh, no jinxing!

Eric, if it rains, it’ll be all your fault and then you’ll really never, ever get a chance to even sit on my bike :stuck_out_tongue:

same drill as last time and aim for 7 to ensure we get a garage?

will be there between 7-7:30

Looking forward to it boys :smiley:

Hmm working now otherwise, you know, I might have been tempted.

Get two 675s on track…imagine the noise :cool:

No7, surely you can spare yet another day off…come on…2 675s with race cans…all we need is for your mate youngy to come and show us how it’s really done on a triple :smiley: