brands 22nd oct with FE anyone?

some spaces left for monday. anyone game?

Will B be in attendance?

dont think Brians’ booked up for any more days this year at the mo unfortunately

Wrong place - can’t do this day - it’s week after I may attendbut wait for forecast first then risk late bookingPlus gives time to get rear suspension bits through Foogin’ post!!

shame dude

ok well im’ booked (fast group…:ermm:)

Mel’s booked into novices

anyone else?

Sorry! I have not got any dates lined up at the moment. Can’t make this one as i’ll be at Mallory Park for the Race of The Year this weekend for Sammo’s last race of the season.

Good to see you out in the fast group JB, you’re easily ready for it and it’ll bring your game along for sure:cool: Keep up the the practice mate!

I might book something later in the year or early next year if the withdrawal symptoms kick in :wink:

no more time off work this year for me :frowning:

cheers mate. really enjoyed our little play last time on track and got a lot more out of it than riding round people so figure its time to step up, even if that means i’m at the slow end of the group.

time to call in sick then? :sick:

That’s a shame B, it won’t be the same without you there :(Lets hope weather holds out, if it doesn’t rain I may ask to be moved to inters this time!

Ah thanks Mel:) Don’t worry you’ll always have JB to turn to:w00t:

Jb…humm I’m not sure that’s very comforting :hehe:

do the monkey with me…




You’ll have to grow your hair back hun…and maybe change colour to proper blond :stuck_out_tongue:

you want me to prove i’m a natural :wink:

any excuse to start stripping eh :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll take your word for it sweetie, but I’m sure I’ve seen shades of ginger on your head, and that’s the top one, for those with wide imaginations :hehe:

i’ve told ginger about that, but suppose its better than getting it in my eye :stuck_out_tongue:

HUmm 2 places left… decisions decisions…

DO IT!!!

AAaaahh johnnybravo - the voice of reason…:w00t: