Brands, 14th March?

Anyone from here going? I’ve got the itch in a bad way :slight_smile:

NoLimits, four groups, £75. Bargain!

really cheap. am actually considering this. but weather like this week is keeping me at bay. will see. have you already booked?

yup, all booked up. If it’s biblical I’ll stay at work, otherwise I’ll pootle around on wets. Or slicks.

Cool. Was about to start a thread. Im booked too. inters :slight_smile:
c u there

Is this all day or evening??

I’m booked on the 14th April all day Indy at mo :slight_smile:

It’s a ‘day’ event. Maybe a little early in the year for evening sessions?

I thought that as well:)

That is cheap.

anyone else go??

Possibly. :smiley: