Brands 10/08 Evening

At Brands again for an evening sessions, weather looks good for next week

Surely by now you get a discount and a private room there? 

ha i wish, do meet some regulars and noise tester i getting bored of my bike i think.

Just blagged a one piece suit off ebay, was tempted to do one of the newbie days combined with Kent fire service biker down course. Ease myself in gently, having never been on track. Full day of activity, but only two 20 min sessions on track, but still, it didn’t seem to bad for price at £55. Anyone done one of these? How was it?

Or should I spend a bit more, for a full newbie day at Cadwell or Snetterton with more track time? Twice the price and further away mind.

i found snetterton novice group ok, 2nd time on track but everyone was on a race bike, i would do the kent fire and rescue, but after two sessions you will want more haha, i want to do it also just to try. Also evening sessions are a bit calmer than a full day i found

I was considering the same before the girlfriend bought me a trackday for my birthday.
The trackday was great, first three laps where sighting following an instructor with n overtaking, then spent the rest of the day riding. There’s more then enough room for the faster people to fly past leaving you to go at your own pace.
Overall I’d say go for a trackday

Damn it! Missed it! Sold out by the looks of it.

Cypher last time I just showed up and 2 people failed the noise test so I got on.

Worth a shot!

I’ll be there today Ernie, hopefully the photographer gets our knee down on camera this time

proper good session yesterday, after 4 evenings at brands or more not sure, finally got my knee down round every corner :slight_smile:



That photo is awesome mate. Jealous big time!! 

Very nice Ernie. Congrats on the new technique you learned (i am a bit jealous :))  - that picture looks awesome!

Great photo!!

Arfa, consider doing one towards the end of the season. I did one in October and it was pretty quiet. Damp track meant there was only 4 of us in the novice group

Thanks, its a good feeling to see progress.

James, get your self onto a track I can see you flying around on the BEAST

Well I’ve booked the Monday 22nd Biker Down + Track Day sess anyway. Seemed a reasonable way to ease in. Have also seen a good deal for 22nd October at Snetterton. Will have to play that by ear, as I’m not sure if I’ll be out in the states working onsite then.

Ernie: Definitely a top photo to be proud of - nice one!

I have a 10% discount code for msv trackdays…it’s from another forum so not really fair to post it on here anyone want it can pm me.