Brands 09/08

All booked up, weathers looking good and i can’t bloody wait.

Anyone else?

Nope, but I will be there 10 Aug for the GP day along with JPGaillard.

Have fun!

Another day done and i feel the progression is continuing.

The day got off to a miserable start due to it raining for the first three sessions but even though i was terrified of binning my commute to work there was no way i was going to waste my time there. Took it at a steady pace, kept everything smooth and to be honest enjoyed every minute of getting wet.

The sun came up, the track dried out and the rest of the day went really well, was consistant with my lines and pace, it all felt natural rather than me fighting the bike to do what i wanted it to do.

I have one question for you guys, at the end of pretty much every session my right foot goes completely numb. I can still move it and it does not seem to affect my riding but was just wondering what could be causing it.

I’m sorry but i’m afraid here are some more photos.





Congratulations Meets. Brands is reasonably grippy in the wet, usually…

In my opinion, the best way to learn a track is in the wet. You make sure that you take it nice and steady and concentrate on lines and braking points. As you will be going that bit slower, it all helps you learn your way around. When the track dries, you know a good line and braking points, you just adjust them to suit the conditions.

As for your right foot going numb, does it do this on ride riding or just the track? I would hazard a guess that its all to do with the amount of pressure you are applying to your foot, perhaps even where you have your foot located on the peg. It could be that there are vibrations running through the peg and that the sole of your boot is not up to the job of nullifying them. It may even be that blood flow in your foot is not as it should be.

Glad you enjoyed your day, pics show you looking good.