Brand New Buffalo Imola Winter Trousers

Bought these a couple of months ago, only tried on, are way too big, size 42 I think and too short on the leg for me, anyone interested let me know.


Have also got the original suit/trouser carrier they came in too.

Hmmmm… busters by any chance?

I too ordered a set and they turned up and the leg is way too short, so i sent them back!

on a 36" waist (need that bit of room in case i wear anything underneath) they say a regular leg is 29 1/2" Crazy i tell you!

maybe its in proportion to your other inside leg measurement mate

I ordered a pair of these from busters in a 40" waist thinking I’ll easily be able to wear em over my jeans etc when Im a 36" waist - when they came the waist was tiny!! No way were they a 40" waist - nice trousers but a crap fit.

There must be something about these. For £30 I gave them a whirl. They are brilliant in every way (waterprood, warm, comfy, zips to my other kit) except… there is no way you can tell if they are any good on the bike.

Crouch down on the ground and mine are a great fit. Crouch on the bike and before you know it, I’m mourning someone’s death. I can’t explain the physics of it, it’s weird.

I’ve replaced the thick foam knee armour and took the straps off the inner pants - I think they are better without the inner lining. I believe the issue is that the inner pulls the bottoms up, or the knee pads ride up your thigh. The Imola designers must have high knees… I’m just rigging a foot strap to prevent this riding up.

Sorry to say that I tried these as well and returned them to Busters as they were way too small. I’m a 38 waist and bought 42" for comfort, way too small and too short. Wore them for one journey.