Brand New Bikes - Question.

Hi All,

As some of you will know, I bought myself a brand new Honda CBF125 a few weeks back.

I set up a facebook group and a forum specifically for owners of these bikes to start sharing experiences, faqs etc… and I’ve been in touch with a couple of other owners.

The other owners I’ve been in touch with, like me, are all recent passees of their CBTs, so not a lot of experience between us.

There are 2 common themes coming up with this bike:

The clutch is really tight - the distance between the bite point and stalling is really small andWhen letting off the throttle, the engine braking is quite harsh, leading to a jerky riding experience.My question for the LB great and good is this:

Do you think this is just down to it being a brand new bike, coupled with a little bit of inexperience on the part of the riders, or could it just be a bit of a touchy bike?

All comments appreciated :smiley:



Hard to see how a 125 would have much engine braking, Id put it down to inexperience. Thinking of getting a scoot myself now Ive opened the bus lanes.

Could it be that you learned to ride on sloppy old school bikes and this just feels newer?

Without someone actually riding it, it’s hard to say but my bet is you will get used to it.


Believe - the engine braking is well noticeable - was going down Salt Box Hill (for anyone who knows it - between Biggin hill & New Addington) the other day at about 30mph, pulled the clutch in to gear down before the turning and the bike sped up until I released the clutch again and it proper slowed down once the engine re-engaged - the engine braking is powerful for a bike of this size :smiley:

BTW - have we established that you’re not the real Boris yet? :smiley:

Quite possibly CM - I learned on an SR125 (looser than Carol McGiffin!) and one of the other chaps learned on an old CG125.Was just wondering if it’s us not being used to the new bike or whether all new bikes are like this.Unfortunately, I don’t have anything to compare it to :crying:

all bikes are different and if your finding the engine braking too much then either change the way you ride until your use to it or maybe change bike.

just be glad you haven’t got a big v twin the engine braking on those is mental

Probably just something that you will get used to, and something that the more you focus on it, the worse it gets sort of thing…(without it actually getting worse…)

The clutch and biting point might be that you just need to get comfortable giving it a bit more revs and slipping (gradually moving the lever out) the clutch a bit more to ease in the power…

But if you make it to a BM or other meet, then I will be happy to give your bike a little test ride to see.

I was waiting for that;):P:D

Once you are confident on the bike try blipping the throttle on the downshifts, this will smooth things out. You’re probably feeling the inital bite of a strong clutch on a new bike. It’s a useful skill to learn, especially for when you get a bigger bike.

As you pull the clutch for a downshift, give the throttle a small blip and then shift gear. Every bike is different, you want to be using minimal blip to gain a smooth shift. Too much and you’ll wear the clutch faster. When you get it right, the bike will feel smoother, more control and will help it last longer.

Cheers Ian, but, um, don’t you fall off a lot? :smiley:

Cheers - am nipping out for a ride now so will give it a go and let you know :smiley:

Haha… Busted by a newbie;):P:D:D:D

I’m sure everyones going to disagree with me here… but I ride 2 bikes, Z750 and CG125 for those “special” occasions when nothing less will do. :slight_smile: Actually I think the CG has more engine braking than the Z. With the CG, when you let the gas off, it feels like the eninge is being “forced” by the bike speed. The poor little single cylinder doesnt feel like it has much momentum and thus slows the bike down. Still I wouldn’t call it jerky exactly.

are you noticing the engine breaking when you drop down to first gear?

if so then this is more than normal - there is a lot of it down low since you will be forcing the rpm to jump high…

as mentioned try to blip the throttle :wink:

I think the ‘jerkiness’ is down to me not expecting the engine braking to kick and so I accelerate to compensate :hehe:

I start noticing it from 3rd to 2nd, but from 2nd to 1st is much more pronounced.

I was kinda interested coz I’m not the only one who has noticed it on this model…

Clutch bite point is pretty normal for a new bike. That’ll get softer once the clutch plate beds in.

Engine braking on modern singles, even 125’s, is quite good as they don’t have anything much in the way of flywheels on the crank.

Even if you match revs by blipping the throttle with the clutch in while changing down, you’re still going to get pretty good engine braking, though a bit smoother.

Bet by the time it gets it’s first service you don’t even notice it any more.

Good luck with the CBF. Thre’s no other bike quite like your first.