brake semi-seazing

ok one for you boys and girls see if you can answer this one!

my front brake cailper kept getting stuck so drained it replaced the brake fluid, was ok then started again, so this time I completely took it apart cleaned it all used red rubber grease on the pistons to stop them getting stuck…

now the grease has worked a treat for sometime now but seems to be doing it again, does anyone have any ideas whats going on?

cannot be me as the brake has passed it mot (this was about 2-3 months after the rebuild) and was working fine

Did you remove the dust / fluid seals and clean out the grooves they sit in ? unless you do that, the brakes will never be right.

You don’t necessarily have to fit new seals, but you do need to get the crystallised oxidation out from the seal grooves completely to make sure that the seals aren’t sitting out too far and binding on the pistons.Then clean the seals in brake fluid, apply a little red grease to the piston and pop them back in.

The dust seals are the worst culprits - TBH, I usually just remove them and pack the groove with red grease (I don’t recommend others do this - I do it because I clean my brake pistons etc. on at least a monthly basis so can make sure that they are in good nick)

cheers for the idea, going to be doing a major load of work at the end of the month for this one so I think I’ll give that a go. as I have to admint I did not remove the seals an clean under them.