Brake Question

The brake fluid in the resevoir on my handlebars is looking very black and as I understand, this is not a good thing. the bike’s only done 3700miles and I don’t remember it ever being lighter coloured (although I do have an appalling memory).

So a couple of questions:

  • Is it likely that the fluid was always dark and it’s fine?

  • If the fluid is knackered and I’m going to have to change it, should I change to braided hoses?

Someone told me that the crappy plastic hoses are possibly the cause of the rapidly deteriorating fluid so I was thinking of upgrading to decent steel braided hoses. is it likely that the plastic hoses are the problem, will I feel thebraking benefits of braided hoses (I’m no speed demon so I don’t need to be stopping from 200mph in an instant) and is it worth the extra effort to replace them while I’m getting the fluid changed (I was thinking of taking the plunge and heading to the oval motorcycle centre to get my hands dirty)

Just bleed/replace the fluid, 5 minute job. And no, it shouldn’t be black :stuck_out_tongue:

I did kind of think that was a stupid question but you don’t know if you don’t ask

Don’t bother with braided hoses just yet… Bleed fresh fluid through and see how it goes from there.

If you’re only on 3,700 miles then surely you’re still under warranty?

Miles done is one guide, age is the other. Brake fluid will darken over the years and hoses will need replacing too. I’ve never found exact time scales, but my Kawaski’s owners manual says 4 years before a hose change,yet the owners club says maybe OEM hoses have a 10 years life.

If the bike is looking at 4 years plus in age it probablyneeds replacement seals in the callipers, along with a clean and handlebar pistons overhaul. Same with the clutch if its hydrolic.

if you are going to change fluid I would stick braided hoses on at same time… makes a nice difference to feel and looks cool too for little money :cool: