Brake Pads

Genuine honda ones or EBC? is there a big difference

this may be a stupid question but would it matter if i had say Genuine on the rear but EBC’s on the front?

anyone? more bothered about the answer to the 2nd question though as i might go collect em after work

i wouldnt think there is much difference. also having one set in front and another at the back also seems ok (you do use your rear brake right? :stuck_out_tongue: )

what would be a no-no is to have one type(brand) on the left(front) and a different one the right(front)

thats what i thought. i will get some ebc later then

I havent got a honda, so i dont know, but I used EBC HH whenever I can get them, for any bike. They’re good. For the back I dont mind what’s in there…

I like my EBC HH pads, they feel much better than the stock suzuki ones.

what about ferodos or armstrongs?

frodos? :smiley:

reminds we of a joke:

‘whats green and turns red at the press of a button??’

‘a frog in a blender!’

:ermm: :smiley:

IME, Armstrong pads aren’t great, and neither are EBC (although EBC make a lovely noise).Ferodo are pretty good and well-priced
Carbone Loraine are excellent, as are SBS and Bendix.Honda std pads are also pretty good.

Bendix pads are the best i’ve ever used,worth every penny.

for once an std thats good :stuck_out_tongue:

somewhere yesterday i found a place selling Carbone Loraine’s from £2. clearly i dream it :angry:

theres too many choices!!!

im down to :

Bendix, Ferodo or Carbone Lorraine

EBC HH’s are good, CL’s good, anything is better than Amstrongs!

EBC HH or Bendix MF for sporty riding options.

The MFs are probably slightly better.