Brake Pads

Hi guys, I have been using SBK3 and they are great, as I need to change my front pads I have just been give a very good offer on EBC double H sintered pads, my question are these any good?

You may wish to inquire whether they are suitable for the disks you are using. Personally I don’t use them, but have heard stories of how fast they can destroy disks if not suitable. Personally, I usually use Carbon Lorraine or Performance Friction pads.


Got them on my 7r - which appeared to stop ok at Brands, when we were there.

Only issue is they take a little (usually just one application of the brakes) time to get up to proper (eye shuddering) working, particularly in the wet.

They are cheaper than OE parts, and do the job - just need to ensure the first time you grab a handful isn’t the first time since setting off - I tend to take it easy first off, and apply brakes once, before really going for it. In the wet, again, a couple of applications before using in anger.

You may find they work even better on your Brembo shod bike!

Everyone I know says the SBK3’s were the dog’s!

SBK5’s not so great, reduce disc life - allegedly.

I use the double Hs :slight_smile: They get quite a hammering two up and have always done the job for me :wink: