Brake Lever travel seems to change randomly but still brakes with resistance at the lever

I’ve noticed that over the last few weeks the feel at the brake lever on my CBR600 (2001 inj) seems to adjust itself! Occasionally from cold there is quite a bit of travel with resistance in the last 1/4 of it’s range of movement, but then later during the ride it goes back to slight travel before resistance occurs?? The later is obviously where I want it, and yes I have tried adjusting the lever by using the thumbwheel. Also did the obvious fluid check before anyone asks.

I’ve had my front brakes replaced recently and wondered if this is coincidental or is it something a bit more serious. There is definately stopping power, but the change in feel is pretty unsettling. Back brake seems to be fine, so really confused. Cup of cocca and the Hayes manual for me tonight.

On another note, fitted a Power Commander at the weekend and uploaded the correct map for the Scorpion can with K&N, damn the bike now revs and pulls like mad. Sorted out a lot of the low end problems I posted a while ago about. Makes me worry more about the brake prob though:w00t:

Get your master cylinder checked. The piston seals are probably not sealing properly.

Sounds like a bit of air in the system.

Start with a bleed, it costs nothing and only takes five mins :wink:

Bleed your brakes again. Tie them with a cable tie holding lever to the handlebar/clipon overnight. Did that to mine yesterday and they are back to perfect again. Took me all of 15 minutes to bleed them. Dead simple job. Also check, are you on original rubber lines, or braided lines? Rubber lines do tend to have a bit of give after a time, so if they are old, fit Venhill Braided lines. Much nicer.

Wot he sed:)

Thanks guys, I’ll cable tie the brake lever back this morning whilst it’s parked outside work and see what happens. I’m assuming that is what you guys were refering to??? It’s still all a bit new to me, do I need a brake bleeding kit like if the cable tie doesn’t work? Obviously hoping it’s not seals as that sounds expensive :ermm:

Forgot to say the bike has Goodridge SS hoses on already, but doesn’t look like the full set - rubber hosing from the reseviors (is that normal?)