Brake Fluid where to buy


I recently moved to UK and don’t know where to buy brake fluid, oil etc.

What would be a good/cheap source?



Hi Welcome.

Where abouts are you based there are lots of good bike shops around. I buy mine from the Motorcycle service centre on Harrow Road.

Hi Vegas,

I live in Kilburn, so not far from Harrow Road. Where exactly is Motorcycle service centre? Do they have a Website?

I just found their website through google.

Can you also recommend them for repairs?

Yeah they do my mot’s and any work I need doing to get it through. I do basic stuff like filter/oil changes and changing pads etc but I would take it to them to do any other work. West Tiger always takes his bikes there and is always happy with their work. Also try SRS in Hammersmith, Nick is good.

Hey fella, ya should be able to buy fluid fom your local petrol tation too, shell etc. or halfords. Its not a product thats just sold at bike shops.

southern cross motorcycles kilburn is the place for you


SRS at Hammersmith or Kinglake at Harrow Road, would NEVER got to the MSC!

Why thats Gazza???

You know full well how the bikes are treated, not to mention staff!!

How come you stopped working there?

Where do you want me to start??

I would rather not publish it on the forum, but just to give you an idea… selling Cat C bikes for full price and not telling customers…thats just the start!

hold on.

a cat C could just mean that the bike was written off due to the crazy cost of replacement fairings.
if the fairings are replaced and the bike sold on, I cant see a problem with that.

the MSC has always been good with me.
even at MOT time. Hard but FAIR.
(and I wouldnt have it any other way)