Brake fluid res

Hey guys, ive got a new brake res cover to fit, am i able to remove the old lid, or is it a sealed unit? am i best to get a garage to do it?

DIY. Two screws to remove. BUT put a towel around the area so you don’t drip brake fluid on the bike. Take off cover. Keep seal on master cylinder, bung on new cover, put screws back. Job done…! Say 5 minutes all told.

wicked ta! x

Westie is it one of the fancy ones that come from germany as seen at:-

if so you can leave old lid on and just use the longer screws that come with.

no its one i bought from the states, ive just fitted it and its bloody leaking!

Have you got the rubber gasket in there? Absolutely essential that you do. Pics would help in this instance.

yeah i have, ive just put the old cover back on just to be safe!.