Brake Discs

I am very happy to say I have a new ride, well new to me. However I think one of the front discs is warped and need to replace them.

Can anyone tell me which is a good brand that will offer good stopping ability and also durability?

I am so glad to have something descent again :D:D::smiley:

What bike is it?

Aprilia SL1000 Falco.

Look at ebay (yeah I hate them too), The fitment of the standard discs is the best look for Brembo or Grimeca makes as they are the standard fitment. Most on ebay go for less than £200 for the pair.

These are the same as yours:

FZR 750 Genesis 87
FZR 1000 Genesis 87-88
FZR 1000 EX UP 89-90
FZR 1000 EX UP 91-93
XJR 1200 95-98
XJR 1300 (5EA1/5EA7) (320mm front discs) (Brembo calipers) 98-99
(YZF750 and 94/95 FZR1000 EXUP can be exchanged with each other or any of these discs fitted)

RS 125 92- 03 single disc
RSV 1000 98-
SL 1000 2000-

125 Mito 91-93
125 Planet 97-
600 River 94-

Daytona 95-
Centauro 97-
Centauro Sp 97-
California Jackal 99-
California SP 97-
Sport 95-

650 All models 94-95
668 All models 96-98
750 All models 98-01

Supersport 400 (Twin disc) 93-97
Monster 600 (Twin disc) 93-97
600 SS 93-97
620 Monster 94-
620 Sport 03-
748 Biposto 95-98
748 SP 98
Supersport 750 (Twin disc) 91-98
750 Supersport 99
750 Monster (Twin disc) 96-98
750 Monster City/City Dark 99
750 Monster/Monster Dark 99
851 Superbike Biposto 89-92
888 Superbike Strada 94-95
900 Supersport/Superlight 91-97
900 Supersport 98-99 SINGLE DISC
900 Supersport CR USA 98
900 Supersport FE 98
907 IE 92-93
ST4 (916cc) 99
916 (Biposto) 94-96
916 sp, sps 94-97
916 Monster 01-
916 ST4 99-
944 ST2 97-
ST2 (944cc) 97-99
996 BIPOSTO 98-01
996 R/S/BIPOSTO 02-03

try allbikes, abe in greenwich, if just disc warped they might be able to use your carrier etc, save ya some cash, if not might do ya a deal or a pr or 1.

Armstromg wavey, just put em on my bird great.

Dont get the ones from China, soft and dont last.

good luck

Thanks for the advice, that is quite a comprehensive list. Some good contacts too cheers.

Gotta be originals with original pads? But then that’s me. I always like orginal stuff when it comes to brake discs.

Thanks for reminding me John, I keep forgetting about those guys, must pop over sometime and see what they can do for the Gixxer, it’s about time I upgraded mine, they make/supply stuff to order don’t they?

I’ve got Black Shadow discs on my ZX6R. They were £180 for a set of fronts and only £20 for the rear one. They’re excellent and with the 4 pots I’ve got on, they do the job of stopping rather well. :smiley:

Got some coming which have come from a Leverda, from what I gathered they have seen very little mileage so looking forward to getting them fitted next week. :D:D

them ones!

i looked into these for the SV, looked well made and alot better than chinese made ones and better than armstrong’s on price.

i’d give these a go dunc:)