Brake Discs

Hi guys,

Ok, advice needed! I’m currently looking at getting some new brake discs for a ZX9R - basically under heavy braking there’s a bit of shuddering going on, and gives a bit of a wobble on the front brake lever. Its got its MOT coming up, so i’m preparing myself for a new set incase they find something wrong with it.

Being a complete novice when it comes to bike maintenance, can anyone recommend a decent set? I only use the bike on the road, however you never know when the confidence might be there for a track day, so looking for something better than standard!

Current discs on the bike at the mo are in the pic below.

Any help you guys can give would be greatfully received in case i have to make a last minute purchase! :unsure::pinch::wink:


Pretty pricey for replacement.
If they’re not too warped, skimming may solve? :slight_smile:

Ah ok - didn’t even think of that! I knew i joined on here for a reason! :slight_smile:


What model is it ? if it’s a C model, your choices are limited.If it’s a B, E or F model then you can get some fairly decent stuff at a good price.
C model discs are 296mm, the others are 320
I’ve seen Armstrong wavy discs for about £259 the pair, which ain’t too bad.

Its the E model. I was looking at those wavy discs, and also some EBC ones. £259 sounds like a good price for the pair if i do have to swap them - if i can get away with it though i’ll try and just skim them - just had the major service where they sort the valve clearances out so saving a couple hundred pound would be nice! :slight_smile:

If i need to though i may give you a shout as to where you saw them for that price!


have you checked to make sure the discs are moving on the bobbins? they should move slightly sideways if you push at them, if not then you can get the symptons you report.

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Never mind the brakes, pink rim tape on green wheels:ermm:

Ouch… well spotted! :haha:

:ermm: Ha ha - …yeah i keep meaning to do something about that! That was a previous owner mod… honest gov!!