Brake Discs

The background story is;

took my Rosie for her annual check up last weekend, albeit a month late, and apart from the front tyre, and the numberplate she was declared fit for purpose. However I was told that her 2 front discs were slightly warped, and being the cinic that I am thought aye aye a sale here.

The fitter saw the look on my face and put my Rosie on the rolling road and actually proved through demonstration what he said was correct. :w00t: I had no idea I had a problem… I hadnt felt a thing, but he spotted it!! (thats why he’s the fitter and Im not) cynicism gone… wiped out…

Now the question;

The pads are up for renewal in about 1500 miles, do I stick with same pads and standard discs, or sell my body to science (whats left of it) and go for wavey discs, colour coded brake hoses, and sintered pads?

My zx9 had race style pads which were useless unless warmed with a flamethrower, but would throw you off her (bit like the wife) once temperature was achieved. I have looked through some of these pages for inspiration but thought Id throw this open and see what comes back.

hi hell lines are very good fit,better than goodrich lines,well worth fitting as they look good and u get much better FEEL.i hade these on my blade with ebc sin pads they work pretty well wet or dry,plus they last for ages,19000 miles on that for wavys all they do is look good and disapate heat but u get what u pay for.theirs a lot off cheap asian imports u can get off ebay and the likes but i wouldnt trust theme on my bike.some time ago i put all this lot on my hayabusa which did improve things a bit,but they were still crap. if u can not feel the brake lever pulesing i d just do the lines and pads as decent discs are expensive.

this is the point that im trying to get to, does aesthetics = price+poor performance, or bog standard =decent performance+poor aesthetics. the fact that my baby looks a race rep (factory done) doesnt necessarily mean I go the whole hog just for looks sake I do want it to do a job. Its that value for money thing going on here.

got a set of these ZXR750 ZX7R ZX9R ZZR1100 1200 ZX12R Wavey Discs & pads but not for a kwaker for the gullarm and srad , i’d say with the braided hoses they stop twice as quick, i seem to out brake most bikes going into paddock or druids

LIKE I SAY DO LOOK NICE,plus they keep you pads rough but they do have a higher wear rate,


aaahhh… someone out there is feeling me now thats the sort of thing that im talking about, def looks the part. in terms of cost im told the diff in price is about £60 quid new (hein gericke).

prob is heart v wallet/wife (secret visit to bank on horizon) :cool: