Brake/Clutch Levers

There’s a few Pazzo copies around now. Any comments on the various alternatives?

I got these Titax levers for the GSX-R at the Excel bike show for £99.

The shorty levers took a while to get used to, but they feel great now.

Good value and well made.

They do sem to go hand in hand these days;):smiley:

there good if u have small hands like me and feel great+ look good.


STFUYC :wink:

Strangley enough, I’ve been looking for some of these. I’ve got ‘ickle’ hands but don’t know if they’d look right on a Honda CBF600 with hand guards?

So far, I’ve not seen any that would fit this model of Honda, all been for sports/sports tourers.

Anybody got any ideas?


Busters have some Pazzo copies called Trak-Tech at £44.99 a side. Anyone know if these any good or are they actually poor quality copies?

dunno but i just bought some pazzo stubbies for £135. at least with them you can specify your adjuster colour. those track tech ones end up at £90 + £10 if you want different colour adjusters. then you pay the delivery which is £7? i preferred to pay the extra and get the real thing. the pazzo’s just look better. it’s subtle but you notice it. if you’re gonna p*ss money up the wall you may as well do it properly :wink:

Heh. I like that. I guess I just have a mental objection to spending nearly 70 quid on a lever.

We run ASV levers on our bikes and we love em…

I really like the harris ones? £130 inc VAT

At least we agree on one thing;):smiley:

i prefer the ones that NEVER snap made from unobtanium ! :D:D:D:D


Just got me some of these beauties. I don’t acutally like the feel of the shorties, they remind me of riding a push bike, but after two offs where I have snapped the break lever off all the way to the nub I reckon if I have a spill and can still ride home they are worth it. They don’t look too bad either :slight_smile:

have tried the TITAX ones out and are as good as the rest…:wink: