Brake/Clutch Levers

Afternoon all,

Had a spill last week and need to replace my brake lever, thinking of taking the opportunity to get something better i.e. shorty but not sure i can justify the money for Pazzo’s. CMC Bikes has the Pazzo clutch and brake lever set for £130 otherwise £65 each, or i can just get a stock lever off ebay for £12. I guess it makes sense to get a set as otherwise the bike will look weird with a standard and a racing lever??

Anyone got any comments before i decide? hoping to get her back together this weekend as all the fairing should be delivered tomorrow :slight_smile:

Ta, Jez

dude they are proper sweet, my mate has just put some on his kwak and the look the nuts, stuff the cash its not a massive ammount in the grand scale of loving da bike.

Yeah just did a search of the Forums (should have done this first…doh) and that’s the general feedback.
Will get a set of Pazzo’s sorted, been an expensive month as needed to replace the whole r/h side fairing and nose cone :frowning:

yep i have just done the same thing as well as the rear seat panel and clutch cover, bloomin costly these toys:w00t:

Can someone explain to me the features and benefits of these levers.

The main benefit apart from them looking pretty trick is that both the clutch and brake levers are span adjustable. This helps if you’re like me and seem to have short fingers :slight_smile:

Most “decent” bikes with hydraulic clutches have span adjustment as standard so it’s just down to looking “Priddy” then?

As I thought, it goes with Rim Tape;):smiley:

My R1 must be sh*t then 'cos it’s got a cable clutch :smiley:

I wouldn’t say that but you’d expect Yamaha to realise people with stunted fingers ride R1’s;):smiley:

I saw these at Hein Gericke’s in a glass cabinet with a £130-odd price tag, I thought it was a mistake! Apparently not…

the answer to your original question is yes and buy the short ones while you are at it so the you do not need to buy new ones if you drop the bike again…

are they easy to fit, i have a reasonable ammount of mechanical ability,?

I’ve also been recommended ASV lever supplied from Performance Parts, anyone know if there any good?

standard levers dont allow 2 finger action on the clutch (at least on the r1)

the shape is a ‘bit’ better too for comfort

personally find the CRGs very good and you can get the bits individually (theres the spring mount section for the roll-a-click and the lever itself) so if you do damage the lever you dont need to buy the whole thing again.

like the full length ones compared to the stubbies myself - have had to go back to 4 fingers when i hurt my hand and lost grip, and you might need to do the same for brake fade/if you prefer to use all your hand anyway

speak to danny at and mention Londonbikers - he should do you a deal on price :cool:

Less likely to snap if you drop the bike again…

That said - I can use two fingers in the clutch and brake on both my bikes, The GSXR has a standard clutch and full length Brembo lever (attached to Brembo MC) - but my streetfighter has Pazzoz - strictly for the look though…:cool:

Its always the first thing I replace on my bikes, Pazzo’s all the time. (Short):wink:

fitted pazzo shorties to my k6 gixer i can now pull away whilst still having a reasuring grip on the bars .,thumb and two outer fingers on the bar other two on the lever made a huge difference …to me anyway

Sounds like the pazzos ? have it then, are they all bike specific, blade has a hydraulic clutch ?

yes ,some may fit others but when you buy them a drop down list comes out and just pick your bike, well thats what i did

The other good thing about shorties (brake levers not my wife lol) is your less likey to snap em off in a spill:)

I got a pair of Trak-Tek shorty levers from Busters at the MCN show. They cost me 80 quid and took 30 mins and a cuppa to fit. Just needed a flat screw driver, 8mm & 10mm spanners. It was easy to do.

I always wanted a pair of CRG / Pazzo levers for the R1 but they seemed too pricey considering the simple technology they represent (they cost the same as a new set of chain and sprockets!!!). I was encouraged by the review and installation guide in Ride magazine (Dec 08 issue). I’ve tried to attach a jpeg of the guide. Its a bit big but that seemed necessary to get the details… Hope it helps you out

I changed the adjusters to blue to match the bike and that only took 20 mins of swearing to swap out and an extra tenner at Busters for the kit. (So if you want spare Red adjusters with the springs and ball bearings then you can have mine for a fiver and a cup of coffee)