Brake bleeding kits

Can anyone reccomend a good brake bleeding kit, I wanted to go down the vacum route as it’s easiest?

Thanks, V

Cheapest route is a big syringe and some clear tubing and back-bleed it - just push the brake fluid up from the calipers then a quick normal bleed and job is jobbed :slight_smile:

I’m still using the clear tube and milk bottle method…

always went with the milk bottle clear tube method! untill i used a decent brake bleed kit from a mate! Ill never do it by hand again :smiley:

Think it cost him £40! not super cheap but brilliant. I plan to buy one for next time I need one.

heres a link to same one! bit pricy :w00t:|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A2|240%3A1318

yep i use that way all the time works every time

:crazy: Better to pull the fluid through with the syringe and just top up the reservoir as you go?! Pushing the fluid up into the res will just result in an overflowing reservoir and a mess?

+1 but I find Dolmio sauce jars a bit more stable.:smiley:

I could lend you Mrs CM for a small fee, she’s a dab hand at opening and closing bleed nipples on command;):smiley:

Well… you obviously have to remove a fair bit of fluid from the reservoir first :slight_smile:
Easier to push fluid up the system cos the bubbles rise…

I got the mityvac - works a treat.