Brain Bender

Apparently, depending on which side of your brain you use, this picture turns clockwise or anti-clockwise.Which way does it turn for you?

Clockwise, how could it be anti?:unsure:

Same here… Clockwise

Well for me it’s anti-clockwise. The first time I saw it, it was clockwise and now I can’t make it go back. It’s driving me potty!

Its actually turning both.

Creative brains can teach themselves how to see that.

Concentrate on the foot, and tell yourself its turning the opposite way, then “see” it turning the opposite way. Once you can see that, refocus on the whole body and you’ll see it rotating in reverse from what you originally saw…

Both :smiley:

which foot? :ermm: :blink:

The pivotal foot,

Use the time when its not “clear” that its a foot, its kind of a split second between the turns, when its “just black pixels on a screen” and its neither clockwise nor anti-clockwise…at that point tell yourself its truning the opposiste way and what comes it “re-apperas as a recognisable foot shape” it will be turnign exactly the direction you told yourself it was.

Then re-focus ont he whole thing, and in the lag between telling yourself and seeing it, your brain will fill the rest in for you…

Mind over matter…NUTS brains are merely tools. What you input, you get back.

Hehe classic, got it to do both ways… now I need a lie down…

(and it took me a while to concentrate on the foot, not the upper half… :P)

both ways for me…i do the same with the radar at Heathrow when im bored sometimes…lol

great post tho


I hate you all!

lol, holy crap, I just did it :w00t:

I can do it at will now, just like those stereograms. I’m a happy bunny now.

still cant get her to go anti… :cool: <- blind

What you stare at it until it turns into a naked chick spinning in the opposite direction…??? Take the BLUE pill Shane, the BLUE ONE…

:w00t:How bizarre

If I stare straight at her she is clockwise but if i look away and see her from the corner of my eye she is going anti-clockwise:cool:

Well earlier I could do her either way so to speak, I have been for a blast on my bike and she only goes clockwise now :ermm:

Sorry Debz:D

I’m convinced that you’re ALL just making this up to bug me…

I can’t get it to even consider going anti clockwise…

Sometimes pressing the Refresh button in your browser helps you shift direction (several cans of stella probably has something to do with it too :Whistling: )

thats probably the radar thats doing it to your brain!!!but clockwise for me cant get it to go any other way, what about if your left or right handed would that make it spin anticlockwise?