Braided brake lines

I need to replace the now corroded and sorry looking brake lines on my bike, but wondering which style of lines are most suitable.

My bike has a single line from the master cyl to the mudguard where there’s a junction, then two hoses, one to each caliper. Is it best to replicate this or use one longer line to one caliper then a second “over the wheel” line to the other caliper.

I don’t really want the race setup of two long lines because it’ll be more difficult to route them so they don’t touch anything.

I think the over the wheel line is the best approach - technically there’s no reason why that would be any less effective than twin long lines and it’s likely to be easier to install.

Have I missed anythig ?

Theres nowt wrong with two long lines as long as you have spacers and sheathed lines:cool:

The main thing is to opt for Stainless Steel fittings and avoid anodised alloy fittings at all costs for road use:w00t:

The two hose set up on the fronts is usually cheaper than the standard three hose set up.

Routing the hoses so they don’t touch anything isn’t usually that difficult. I’ve had braided hoses on most of my bikes and never had any problems with the routing of them. :slight_smile:

Thanks, not using ali, going to get the HEL titanium lines with black sleeve, should look good with the black calipers.

HEL do slime green too ya know;):smiley:

I know, it’s horrible :w00t: The carbon look is OK but black will probably be better.

Dont you dare consider anything faux carbon;)

Goodridge do some good looking stainless black fittings with black lines but HEL I think look even better, the titanium has a slightly dull/overcast look to it and with black lines will look perfect.

I like stainless meself:cool:

I like shiny stainless too…but then I come from those days when everything was chrome…and shiny…I think two lines look better than the disc to discoption, more balanced…unless the run is done very neatly over the front mudguard…

I’ve used Goodridge stainless lines on my bikes since owning my R6. Routing wasn’t a problem a well positioned cable tie couldn’t fix.

i’ve got the HEL lines - seem to be good kit.

all the braided lines are race parts and come as 2 equal-ish length hoses as far as i’m aware