Braided Brake lines dilema

I’ve just fitted Venhill braided hoses to my CBR600RR…all seems to have gone ok but my dilema is this:-

The ‘P’ clips that used to attach the old hoses to the bike are too big for the new hoses and one of them is totally different. Now is it going to cause me a problem if I don’t use the P clips? Or do I take the bike off the road until I can get some and then have time to fit them?

Many Thanks in advance

UNlikely you’ll have a problem without the P clips - just bounce the forks up and down a few times to make sure they don’t snag on anything and then fit the P clips when you get them

Ok i’ll do that cheers…i’ve already made sure I can go lock to lock without a snags.

Like the Wurzels tag by the way…I saw them at Butlins on Sunday, amazing hahaha

If you’re worried then just secure them with cable ties until you can get he right size p-clips!

Wurzels are great!
BTW… you could use the old P clips anyway - they’re really there to act as guides and to stop the lines chafing on the yoke, so won’t matter if they’re a bit big.

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just wrap some tape around the cable where the p-clips goes and it will grip it, its not hard.

…or thread a cable tie through a couple of centimeters of small diameter hose, then round the brake hose, back through the hose and round the fork. Simples :smiley:

Like this: