Braided brake hoses - are they worth it?

The brakes on my ZX7R feel like a couple of wet sponges and inspire zero confidence - plus there is a lot of travel on the lever before I get any bite - the pads seem ok - but the bike (a K1) is running on the original manky old rubber hoses - is it worth fitting braded hoses in order to generate more braking power and bite?

Braided hoses will definitely firm up the feel of your stoppers mate, one of the first mods I always do:)

If you haven’t already, think about HH rated pads too as they don’t fade like PEM stylee ones.

Might be worth trawling Fleabay for a Brembo 19x18 master cylinder if you really want to increase your stopping power;)

Cheers Chunks! As always you are a total diamond! :smiley: Thanks so much for the hard-won info - will get onto this right away! :slight_smile:

but…I always wondered are they worth it for all bikes or just sportsbikes ? :ermm:

I fitted them front and rear to my VTR Fighter yesterday so will let you know soon;):smiley:

Ya cheeky git:P:D

psml… :stuck_out_tongue:

Touche ;):smiley:

well played :smiley: :wink:

Had them put on my SV about 4 months ago, really increased the feel on the brakes

Good to know - thanks R. :wink:

had them on my r6, my 636, and my bandit fighter. always a great buy in my opinion and always a noticeable difference after they’ve gone on :slight_smile:

worth every penny in my opinion , got them on 2 of my bikes , & ive got a set to fit to the zx9 plus loadsa of other bits but i wouldnt go on track with out them:) and double h pads are also very good in my opinion. not so important on the rear but then i never use that on the track ( well unless i really have to)

I’m utterly convinced - thanks fellas :wink: - bike feels bloody dangerous on the current stopping arrangements. :smiley:

i have Goodridge hoses on my SVthou, defo makes them feel better, much less fade too, not sure on what pads im using at mo but will be replacing current ones with HH pads, wich i had on my SV6, they are briliant, not great when cold tho but they dont take long to warm at all, tho i had normal OE hoses on the 6.