Bradley Smith on MOTOGP Tonight show 30/09/14

Bradders is the special guest tomorrow, looking forward to meeting him :slight_smile:

Seems like a Top Bloke.

What?? Who have you exchanged sexual favours with to meet all these people? :w00t:

It’s part of my Job. I thought you knew i worked for BT Sport :smiley:

corrected :stuck_out_tongue:


Mr Diggle, you really do give me a bad name!!


I knew you worked for BT Sport but this makes more sense!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Any tickets :wink:

How many?

I’ll ask but it’s another Sold out show and the team leader tomorrow is a new one i’ve not met her before so may be tricky as my usual one likes me and usually gives me what i want :slight_smile:

do you tell her what you want what you really really want :laugh:

a Zig a Zig ahhhhhhhhhhh

Oh dear, really? REALLY?

New depths there boys, new depths.

you have sunk to a whole new kind of low, seriously.:wink:


You know you love the Spice Girls really!! :smiley:

I used to love them, had the dolls and posters and everything!


I still never sung any of their songs!!! :w00t:

Don’t lie, i bet you had a Union Jack outfit and platform shoes, and sang into a Hairbrush, You were Posh Spice and Sophie was Scary Spice!!

Please don’t tell her i said that :Whistling:

Ginger Spice had the union jack dress gawd! :stuck_out_tongue: To be honest, it sounds more like your younger days Sam!

Haha you wouldn’t be the first to say that!! Also…no promises!

:slight_smile: Looks like i’m a dead man!!!

I thought it was union jack knickers that ginger spice had?