Does anyone know where I could get some brackets like this in the UK?

They’re for indicators for my DRZ. If I can’t find any I’ll make something up, but would be nice to have some “proper” ones.


just make some.

Do a drawing of what you want to scale as it would be before being bent, email it that I can download it to a memory stick and then shove it in the plasma cutter and then put it in the folding machine .

You’re a legend Rob, I’ll do that tomorrow :slight_smile:

Well, huge thanks to Rob – the brackets are great!

Thanks also to Dan for giving me the indicators :-). Almost everything fixed, hopefully I can now get the bike through its MOT!

looks good , must get something organised myself in that dept .

Well done Mr N

Could you, would you, be able to knock up a pair of headstock spanners? Triumph went with a rare as hens teeth 38mm set for some reason :ermm:

Here’s the drawing shamelessly stolen from another forum to give you an idea, material is 5mm thick, 3/8" hole for 3/8" drive torque wrench to set head bearings in at 40Nm.

since were asking for favors here…

Art, you could try searching for bicycle headset spanners. 38mm isn’t a standard size but is available.

36mm is a standard size and could be picked up cheaper if you don’t mind a bit of grinding/filing.

Tried that on an old 36mm spanner I had laying around. By the time I’d taken 1mm off each side there wasn’t enough meat left on the jaws to take the strain of cracking the locking nut.

That would require the high def upgrade to the machine … right now it’s accurate to around 0.5-1.0 mm for a further £10’000 you get 0.1 mm accuracy … However leave it with me and i shall see who I know who can do that accuracy .


Righty then … so getting em cut on the plasma was being awkward so I have knocked a set together old skool style … Gas axe , die grinder and file . I did not cut a hole for a 3/8 ratchet for torquing instead I attatched a 19mm nut so you can use any size of torque bar ssslong as you have a 19mm socket . one aint so pretty cos my die grinder died in my arm tonight ,must been something I said , should have walked awaay … I made the sides longer so you can cut em down to suit if required , the gap should be good it measures up to my 38mm geodore spanner … at between 38.15 and 38.20 mm

There looking the Bow Locks Mr N

Where and when can I pick them up?