Bracing myself for a good poking with the stick.....

Hello, Just thought I would pop my head up over the trenches and say Hi. I have now assumed the position for the ritual poking with the newbie stick.

I live in North Kent and ride my Bandit 600s K4 to work in Lambeth everyday, work 12 hour shifts, so normally avoid the worst of the rush hour, my bike is a heap of s**t with the feel of a despatch bike about it complete with scuffed bodywork due to 2 mph ‘incidents’, scuffed mirrors due to slightly optomistic filtering, and flaking engine paint due to salt and Suzuki’s excellent build quality. (Aided and abetted by my own inability to wash my bike in winter).

Hopefully I will post a picture of my bike shortly…

I have enjoyed reading all the articles about bike racing. I was at Donnington for the GP and will be at Brands for the WSB at the beginning of August.

Hey Johnse1! Welcome to LB! Glad you enjoy our racing coverage! Foxy will be pleased to read that. At least with your bike like that, you don’t worry about it eh, less stress! Post up a picture of it, and hope to see you on one of the organised rides, events, etc…

Welcome to Lb mate!

Helo and welcome to LB mate. Live not far from the bridge to Essex but on the best side (south) myself.

well here u go then = not quite sure what sort of poking you had in mind but

poke poke with the newbie stick

welcome to LB


Johnse1… Hi and Welcome to LB…

thanks for the warm welcome and a good poking, I live in Gillingham…


Welcome mate, you’ll enjoy it here and at the meets, the friendliest bunch you could meet.

Welcome to mate

SmacK poke poke with the newbie crutches

welcome u should make ur way to the cubana sometime

Hello and welcome to the best bikers site in London

Welcome to LB; only joined last week myself but everyone has made me feel welcome and the rideouts are a great way to meet others. Had a good rideout at the weekend. See ya soon maybe on a ride somewhere - check them out - or at Cubana.