'Boy-snatch robbery' moped gang jailed


Good riddance. And thanks to the Police for a job well done.

One thing that’s particularly relevant to us bikers is the mention of this:

Four defendants also travelled to Redditch, Worcestershire, in January 2018 where they stole three motorbikes worth a total of £30,000 after spotting the owner’s address on an eBay advert.

This is quite alarming and as someone who works in IT Security, I often give the advice that people do not post anything online publicly that says where they live, what they own, when they’re away, etc. Keep it private, unfortunately there’s thieves out there looking to connect these dots and target folks.

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Result. Remember seeing that boy snatch vid on handmuff’s channel and couldn’t believe ped-crime had evolved into that. Decent sentences too. Let’s hope they see the majority of those years (and get buggered to pieces in the nick)


They weren’t just youths either. Several grown men. I hope this sends a message to the criminal element.


Yup, it is stupid. One of our clients kept all his passwords and pins on paper in his wallet. You can guess what happened can’t you!

Wallet got nicked and we had to spend days change EVERYTHING… but people still do it.


It’s not smart, but education can help. Standing InfoSec advice is to use a password manager to securely store this info and don’t re-use passwords. Of course some folks find this just too complicated to comprehend, i.e. my mother, so they’ll always be at an increased risk.