Boy Racers

Anyone come across any this weekend? , I went out earlier for a ride and out of nowhere a audi with 4 guys overtakes me and there all looking at me waiting for me to react , at one stage one of the guys was waving his hand to say come on but I thought what’s it gana achieve , espicially considering this was going towards a town centre I just backed off once they got caught in traffic go straight past them lol idiots.

I spanked a black Audi TT on the A10 this morning, maybe it was them looking to even the score? :smiley:

BMWs are my fav :stuck_out_tongue:

A BMW raced me from the lights the other day, I let it stay with me til about 60, then I tucked me head down and did 60 to a ton in 4th and left him standing.

I hope he was grinning as much as I was…was pretty funny watching the BMW go from tonking it beside me to basically standing still.

Had an awesome ride down the A12 this afternoon too with a Ducatti, though I am not sure of the make, I did 140mph to catch him up at one point. Was right nice ride dead quiet road, dead straight and beautiful weather.

Disclaimer: This is all lies I am merely boasting, I would never break the speed limit! :w00t:


Well I was going down the M1 today on my Deauville when I spotted a Royal Enfield just showing off, so I let him pull level with me at Northampton, then I cranked her open.

By Watford I’d made it clear who was Boss :smiley:

raced a 3 series beemer on the m4 yesterday, stayed in front of me until he realised i was sticking with him, pulled over then braaaaaaaarrrp!!! Blasted past him at 77mph ;););):smiley:

Spanked my monkey on the A1 this morning:D

i get that :frowning:
and im on a bloody 125

I had two boys on mopeds trying to race me on my way to Box a few weeks ago…

I let them go, then went zooooooooooom past them

Made me smile, I watched them pull in at Box just as i was finishing my hot choc

I had a friend on the back today who has never been on a bike before. Had an R1 pull up beside us at the Great Cambridge Road roundabout then turn with us down the A10. I’m pretty certain he heard her screams and we both belted it down the A10 :smiley:

i was out in my car at weekend :stuck_out_tongue:

well, saturday car, sunday bike, so one doesnt feel left out :smiley:

I like this kind of thing. It’s just people enjoying their machines provided it is in the right setting and you don’t go overboard.

Was in a Taxi on Sunday and we left a bike standing. :w00t:

Think he was broken down at the time :hehe:

i gave up spanking cars along time ago :slight_smile:

Only happens when they clock im a girl :stuck_out_tongue:

Came across a few idiots on the way back from a nice day out on saturday night. One nearly knocked me off around Mooregate, and another was being a complete twit round Hoxton way trying to do dangerous overtakes, he went round me but couldn’t get round mr-C - he was having none of it! :smiley: :hehe:


Now thats proper mans racing. None of this sprinting off the lights stuff :smiley:

i was happy that i beat a learner in a Yaris off the lights today, all i can really manage on a 125 made of duct tape :stuck_out_tongue:

I overtook 3 milfs in aisle 6 at the berry the other day… actually got a bit of wheel spin past the spice rack.

its not massively hard to out accelerate most cars when on a bike, i had a play with an EVO once on the way to bournemouth…left him…and we was 2Up on the thou…was fun!!