Boxing Morning South-West bimble?

I’m heading down to Dorset on Boxing Day morning and Boris/Roni has chosen to play with his train set instead of coming with :frowning:

You’re not invited to where I’m going, but if anyone else is going thataway (specifically the bottom-left of the New Forest, Christchurch way) I’ll make a ride of it and go a wiggly route (moreso than last year’s). Probably leave the Ace at about 8 or 9, head out of London the way the Jets do when they go Saaf (A406, Kew Bridge, A3) and then onto the nicer roads, I need to be in Christchurch for about 1pm for some indication of timing.

Anyone else heading that way?

Have fun - we’ll be NW

Have fun - we’ll be NSW :wink:

Would love to but will have to pass!

So your going south west then ?

watch the roads in that area are heavily wet and lots of washout and mulch and tree debris  around there 

Uh, yeah, west. Not east. Whoops. And if nobody else is coming along I’ll be seeking out the mulch and tree debris :slight_smile: There’s a ford in Wareham Forest that I embarrased myself in last time.