Boxing day coffee

I’m heading to Box Hill in a short while, anyone want to meet up for coffee? I reckon I’ll be there about Midday. Might head to Newlands Corner after to see what’s there.

No disrespect intended to the advice given by others regarding ambulance response.

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I would but not feeling it today.

Planning on a bimble on New year’s Day though so might head there for a coffee.

Enjoy the ride though

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Was good to get out, failed miserably at the coffee though. It looked like Ryka’s might be open but it it wasn’t. Maybe a dozen folk at Box Hill and Newlands Corner, nice folk to chat with.

Put the bike under cover dirty but looking at the forecast perhaps I should leave it out so that it can wash itself?

Does it count that I started the bike and let it warm up for 10 minutes? Just did not have the time to get out and about. Family things to do and I am also tied in with Church duties. On holiday this week, but the weather is not looking that great now.


I’m still planning on a box hill coffee new year day assuming all goes well.

My god, if I did that my neighbours would be breaking the door down in rage.