Boxhill Today


Claire and I went for a ride down to Boxhill. I had an itch to scratch after getting a new pair of tyres fitted (oh that new tyre feeling!). Busy and slippery roads, but once there we met up with the Silver Fox, B on his awesome RSV4! :)

Went for a bit of a ride afterwards but had to abandon it due to shit satnav results whilst trying to use a downloaded route. Ended up on crappy single-track slippery forest roads (fine for me on the GS!). Nice. Claire got her suspension tweaked though, so all good in the end :slight_smile:

Saw a few nice bikes at Box. Quite busy down there too.



B can’t help himself can he…


i really wanted to go out today but so leafy and slippery on the roads…good to see B in good form


B on a RSV4…not a chance in hell !


Rusty, it’s his RSV4 :) 

It wasn’t really the weather for one, but, well, B can ride anything, any time it seems!


One of the things I love about here are pictures posted of other bikes - they all look so nice! thanks for sharing