Boxhill Sun 4.2.07

Meeting at the Polish War Memorial A40 for 10ish, weather looks good

See you at Ryka’s about 11:00 - alarm clocks willing!

i have my baby back!! hope to see ya at rykas for 11ish!

Im gonna head out a 7am for a blast to the cost, if you wana join me let me know…

(if you can get up at that time on a sunday!!)

so i may see you guys at boxhill my way back

I could get up at that time, but I couldn’t keep after thereafter

Cant make this one Pete, last weeks rideout was pukka. Defo on the next one

Really wish I could, but my kids have friends over for sleepovers so can’t really sod off and leave the little darlings.

Might well trot up to Rykas for some hot chocolate at about 1.15 but it’d be in the car. ( again)

Edit: persuaded the teenager to agree to be around in the morning, so I’ll see you down at Box. Got to be back in Guildford by 12.30 so could possibly go part of the way with you, depending which way you’re going of course!

With Adz were’re going to Bagnor in early morning. Probably we will meet the rest of LB on our way back to Rykas. IF i will not stay to much behind him

Next week is raining according to my extended forecast…hmmm


So just me and CFC then ??

And my Alarm Clock!

Well next Sun im away to my Bros down the west country, so im making the most of this weekend !!

Too nippy for me I’m afraid

I was there today!!! Going to the show tomorrow tho plus its 80 miles away for me, was cold enough today but a gorgeous one too

oh come on grim!! it aint any colder than the other week!!! im going to aim to get there for 10ish!

Off to Box now, see some of you there, I hope.

Cant see for ice and fog. You mad man

Off to put the kettle on

Got there about 11:15, met Keti, Westfazer, Chocciemuffin and a very quick hello to Pete. Had a lovely ride back through Headley and Epsom Downs. Now to clean the last two weeks cr@p off the bikes.

Well that turned out to be a rather expensive jaunt.

Got back, dumped the bike and dashed to the car to take small person and friend swimming, called significant other to apologise for rushing out on him and he asked if I’d had any handling probs on the way back. Apart from the misfiring the answer was no, except for a little slip on a corner close by (thought it was the metal manhole cover that’s always strategically placed to bring bikers off so didn’t think anything of it other than to avoid it next time).

“Well you’ve got a puncture in your back tyre, looks like you’ve picked up a nail,” says he.

Where the bleedin’ 'ell do all these stupid nails come from, I ask you? That’s the car two weeks ago and now the bike, both with nails. Fortunately I don’t hoof it along on my little cruiser, and not on a slippy day like today, but rather nailbiting to think I’d been riding on a flat. Just as well I didn’t need to sling the anchors on I suppose.

So looking dodgy for the newbie meet tomorrow seeing as I’m misfiring on one of me carbs too.

Poo, bum, willy. This biking lark’s not the cheapest of hobbies…

Well that was a bloody cold run to Boxhill for breakfast, cheers CFC for that. Sorry Jim for not chatting but my brain was frozen Im just going out to the garage to clean bike and put hot water bottle under its blanket