Boxhill Bogs

Anyone else had to do a poo at Boxhill? Naaaasty… :sick:

I wouldnt dream of doing a poo in the bogs at Boxhill, its bad enough having a pee :hehe:

Yeah - under normal circumstances I’d agree, but the other day I felt that twinge that says:

“Boy, you wanna get rid of this quick smart!” :smiley:



I haven’t had the pleasure. I assume they’re made of fail…?

Pleasure is not the word i would use :stuck_out_tongue:

Should have gone to Paul’s house.

Well it’s not the Ritz, far from it. Those toilets are a absolute disgrace.

The burgers are pretty nasty too. Had a nasty greasy one there… Never again. The tea is good though…:smiley:

They do nice bacon baps :wink:

I quite like their burgers :wink:


thankfully not. but sometimes you just got to go for it, as bad as it may be, it’ll get worse if you dont, :pinch:

just back from a trip to delhi singapore and Thailand…and in general terms Box hill would win every time…you try and do a number 2 in India or Thailand outside of the big cities and you are in filth city number 1…ever tried the toilets in XIAN…in the car park before you go into the Teracotta warriors…now they are gross indeed…and i hate hole in the floor toilets…as I say Box hill will do for me…and yes i have used them…

The inescapable truth here is that this is a reflection of Box Hill’s clientele rather than its management.

So own up - who did it? :unsure:

We can always blame the Harley Owners Club :laugh:

ive had a tom tit in boxhill’s finest…:D.

but no loo roll.:(…so i had to use a hanky that had my name embroiderd in the corner…that was’nt enough…but luckly i found a handy wipe from KFC in my hip sack…:D.


Hehe… I ALWAYS check for that eventuality before doing the deed :wink:

They are rank! I hate having to go in there. Even in the middle of summer they’re freezing!

There is a particularly dangerous loo in the ladies there - you are liable to get locked in. Ladies beware!

I hope that was you Julie that typed that :stuck_out_tongue: