Boxhill at 10am 5th June

Leave Box at 10am, ride to Lobster pot Felpham for Ice cream and maybe a paddle.

Still deciding on rest of day…

Be there or be square


not square, so will see you there :smiley:


You mean the 4th… :wink:

Ooops, Gav thats ur fault!! I meant 4th being 2morrow - saturday!!!

Jets, I’m still very much IN for sunday!! :hehe:

I’m confused now… ? :smiley:

But still game… :smiley:

ahh poo, cant tomorrow, working at 12, have a good one anyway :cool:

Today is the 4th lol so sat would be the 5th pmsl :hehe:

even though you posted that at gone 1 in the morning on saturday :laugh:



pmsl thats a good point shame :stuck_out_tongue: