Box to Brighton, Saturday 28th, am, gentle bimble

Meet at Box Hill on Saturday 28th at 10.30 to leave at 10.45.

Not super-speedy please, I’ll have a pillion with me. Trot off to Brighton for an early lunch and then either hang around on the beach for a while or head back, as the fancy takes us. (I’ll have to head back fairly swiftly but doesn’t mean anyone else does.)

Can someone please suggest a route and volunteer to lead, I get lost going from my living room to the kitchen and it’s a small house!

Takers list please - usual thing, copy the list and add your name.

Choccie Muffin + pillion

CM i am up for one of these having never ridden down to Brighton, will be in the Lake District this weekend but am up for it another time

I am up for a ride from Box Hill Saturday morning, but am not sure I want to go all the way to Brighton so soon. You can count me in for something though.

Looks like me and my mate will be going on our own, so if anyone’s at Box tomorrow morning and wants to go for a ride ‘somewhere’ (doesn’t have to be Brighton, could head off somewhere else instead) then I’ll see you there. Will be there around 10.15-10.30 so if you’re there and fancy going for a ride but don’t want to go to Brighton that’s fine by me.

But I’ll be going at about the same pace as last weekend’s ride, so if you’re going to go speedy fast please let me know and I’ll wave you goodbye and see you another time cos my bike and its rider don’t do fast…

Well we enjoyed ourselves, even if the rest of the planet decided to avoid Planet Muffin.

Bumped into the lovely Biggus and his significant other who said they were having a ‘gentle’ ride to Worthing. Well ‘gentle’ on a 535 with an inexperienced rider and a pillion ain’t the same as ‘gentle’ on a 1300cc monster speedy thing. Although I just about kept up that’s only because Biggus slowed down! So we parted company somewhere outside Horsham (I think) and me and me mate headed down to Brighton and stopped off at the lovely place at the top of Devil’s Dyke for some light refreshments and a cool down and played with a 10 week old King Charles spaniel (very cute), then off to Sussex Uni campus to meet the wee boy, so we didn’t even make it as far as the sea. Never mind, would have been far too hot there anyhow.

But a lovely ride on a lovely day and plenty of opportunity to practice what I learnt at the bikesafe day. Certainly feel my positioning is better (i.e. safer) than it was before the course, and my observation is much more switched on than it used to be. How I didn’t come to grief on the previous 2,500 miles I’ve done before bikesafe, I really don’t know!