Box Hill Ride 03 sept 06

Thanks for the good company today on the ride out to box hill, it was a decent day weather wise too.

a nice bunch of people.

the press gangers are have moved on from the savoury to the sweet LOL


Ha ha…Oi !!! when did u take those !!! Salee looks like shes in pain !! And ive got my hair band strapped round me hand !!

It was a brilliant day…we didnt know we were going on rideout to anywhere when we set off to Boxhill…i thought it was there and home !! But the company was really great, the roads were great (yeh INCLUDING the dreaded (for me) A24 !! AND the fact Ross missed turnoff for Boxhill and me and him ended up sailing down the motorway…while everyone else went merrily on the RIGHT roads !! (thanks Ross !!)

You guys were terrific fun today…had a real good laugh, weather was great, and Salee? you know some real nice places girl !! (still trying to work out why the guy in red,white,blue cbr leathers came running over to my bike when we parked up??? Was suggested, maybe hed had one nicked in same colour and was checking it wasnt his, feasible i guess, but weird non the less…oh well, i can tell you it wasnt his bike, cos its MINE !!

What scenery i saw today, absolutely loved it and im knackered out now!!! Look forward to seeing you if you are going Harwich nxt Sunday…

Damn, today would have been brilliant for a ride, such good weather! Had to stay London bound though… Cool pics

Hi All,

Yep really enjoyable blast. Was initially a blast to Box Hill and back but as the sun came out…well who can say no. Cheers for acting as guide Salee…really nice places. Heres to the next one.

Se ya all soon.


he was checking out your a rse blade!!!

Johny thanks for the photos -

Loads of fun! guys thanks!!!

as for people missing turnoffs not saying a thing cos everyone was indicating, and waving, and the two of you just merrily carried on your own way… hahaha

i must say i saw a side to some people yesterday - not sure i want to see again… plus the steroids clip - poor guy what the hell was he thinking!!!

Sorry I missed the rideout, looks like you all had fun


Just get in front of them next time then…tehehehe

well if i wasnt in pain when he took that pic…i blee*in well am now!

i will get my revenge JohnyBoy!!!

im glad you all had a great day and enjoyed the brass band i arranged to welcome you when we entered Arundel

i know many more lovely places…but you just gotta go with the flow and where the sun shines on the righteous

we are all in the Circle of Trust

thanks to you all for a lovely day out…heres to many more you lovely people…except one!

Ha ha…johnny boys in the dog house !!! (still a nice bike tho !) Yeh forgot about the brass band welcome !! what must they have thought when we all went thundering past !!

Was really nice sitting by the riverside …i left my purse in the ladies loo, went back and it was still there how cool, and amazing, is that !!!

Ha ha, i went sailing past on way there, and sailing past roundabout when i left… Oh well, what would MY day be without doing that? (im always doing that!)… Still, it can only get better…

Where were we when we passed all those lovely hills and meadows, all that open space and sheep? It looked brill riding through there !!! Loved it…(i need to get outta london more often)

well if i wasnt in pain when he took that pic…i blee*in well am now! i will get my revenge JohnyBoy!!!

there i was thinking thats a nice castle i must take a picture etc… its not my fault you and blade where in the shot eating for England. LOL

you just keep on digging a deeper hole JohnyBoy !!!

Blade …all the hills and meadows is by Whiteways Tea Hut and Arundel…shame the Tea Hut aint on top of that hill to look down into the valley there…a bit like the Tea Hut at Dunstable Downs, that was lovely up there too!

and you wouldnt be you without the little mishaps sweetheart

Your one of lifes leaders, and im a follower…id follow u all into a cave if it was there!!! Im typical useless at directions woman (but im good at other things, so im told ! Shhh)…