Box Hill Burnouts!

Here’s a few pictures of a couple of blokes trying their best to destroy their clutches / tyres at Box Hill last Sunday


And a couple more.


Hehehe, nice one Silver. I recognise the shorter bloke in the long jacket on the K5, he’s one of the east-end stunt crew that were at the Run filming me and a few others were at recently. The can on the R1 is TINY, I bet it’s loud as fook!

dude, I dont see any K5s in those pictures… are we looking at the same photos, or do you need your eyes tested again? (thats twice this year already Jay!)

I know he rides a K5, so I presume it’s just out of shot. It was aimed at Silver after all who was there (I assume)! Smart-arse

There was a K5 there, but it was being lovingly cherished!